Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Christmas In April.

 I realize I haven't posted a blog in months and I have a bunch of pictures so you may get a bit of overkill on the pictures.  Here are some pics from Christmas.  Stacie and Paul just a week before the wedding.   
 Happy couple after 3 kids and I believe 9 years of marriage.  Adam and Krysta.
 This is one of the 3 and he is adorable....Eli.
 Seth came for the holidays and he is so much help and fun to have around.  Love you Seth.
 These next few pictures I couldn't pass up.  Maybe Eli and Caleb will be stealing the show but so what.  This photo looks like they are up to something.
 Eli is telling Caleb how to get away with some dastardly deed. 
 No one is looking so let's get out of here.
Caleb, Eli and Noah getting into who knows what.  Such fun times when everyone is around. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

SCARY Halloween 2012

Here are our two lovebirds carving scary pumpkins!
I guess the pumpkins weren't so scary after all! 
Here is the whole pumpkin - carving gang
Here are the scary "Marry Me?" pumpkins.  We are all very glad Stacie carved in "YES!"
Checking out the final pumpkin carving results.  Notice the lovebirds have to snuggle up to stay warm, while the old married couple stay four steps away from each other!
Grandma and Ryan checking out the pumpkin display.  Scary!
Here is one scary kid that came to our house on Halloween.  He tried to be scary, but he was just a very cute bug!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Of July Fun

 We had a great time on the 4th.  Here is Grandpa, Evie and Claire.  Once Evie is finished swimming she is finished.  She usually lasts about an hour.
 Claire was getting brave.

 Natalie showing off her jumping skills.  Love the toothless smile.
 Grandpa Hancock, Katheryn and Justin.  We loved that they came.
 Grandma and Doug.
 Ryan has the moves. 
 Julie, Adam, Krysta, Eli and Doug
 Sofie acting totally bored to have her picture taken. 
 Evie has the moves
 Sofie looking beautiful.
 Sarah and Claire.

Lauren has the moves too along with Lexi Lou.  Thanks family for sharing the 4th of July with us.  We loved having you all over.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 On Memorial Day we had a picnic and kids came over.  We visited the cemetery and here is Ryan ready to head back to the house after checking out all the grave stones and putting flowers on them.

 Eli and Caleb being nothing but adorable. 
 Eli and Ryan finishing off their ice cream cones.  We went over to Sarah and Steves' house to help unload and here are a couple of the helpers. 
 Ryan loves the swimming pool.  He shows little fear but plenty of smile.
 Noah has some pretty cute faces.  Paul was the etch-a-sketch artist.
Eli was very tempted at the cemetery.  You can understand that.  One more peek-a-boo face from Noah.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Needing a new post!

 I am needing to post something so here are some old photos.  I don't know who was having the most fun....Paul, Natalie or Ryan.
 Sarah and Claire made it to Oregon in winter of 2010 so here is the beauty queen with my dad.
 Lexi and Braxtyn playing dress up and trampoline
 Lauren loves Blitz. 
 Joel and Caitlain
 Baby Caleb righ after he was born.  He is looking so alert.
 Seth always give Brax a 4-wheeler ride.
 Evie being beautiful. 
 Sarah and Claire at Island Park in the Jones cabin
 Sofie, Steve and you can catch a cute smile on that Lexi girl.
 Ryan and Natalie were helpers in Oregon building a fence.
 Adam and family with my dad.
 Caitlain, Joel and cute baby Noah
Super stud Paul and super stud grandpa.  Thanks to you all for looking so cute.