Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Christmas In April.

 I realize I haven't posted a blog in months and I have a bunch of pictures so you may get a bit of overkill on the pictures.  Here are some pics from Christmas.  Stacie and Paul just a week before the wedding.   
 Happy couple after 3 kids and I believe 9 years of marriage.  Adam and Krysta.
 This is one of the 3 and he is adorable....Eli.
 Seth came for the holidays and he is so much help and fun to have around.  Love you Seth.
 These next few pictures I couldn't pass up.  Maybe Eli and Caleb will be stealing the show but so what.  This photo looks like they are up to something.
 Eli is telling Caleb how to get away with some dastardly deed. 
 No one is looking so let's get out of here.
Caleb, Eli and Noah getting into who knows what.  Such fun times when everyone is around. 

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  1. it will be so fun to have all these boy cousins grow up together with their fearless leader ry guy!